Litto Diamond Encrusted Pre-Rolls

//Litto Diamond Encrusted Pre-Rolls

Litto Diamond Encrusted Pre-Rolls


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Cotton Candy is a Hybrid strain. The effects of this Hybrid strain may help individuals settle down a bit and get the things they want done. For others, this strain might be just what they need to put a LITTO extra pep in their step and finish off the day, or night, strong.

Searching for something that tastes just as it’s named? LITTO Hemp’s Sour Diesel pre-rolls have it covered! The flavor profile of these Sativa pre-rolls is strikingly similar to the smell of freshly pumped diesel with a taste to match! Every time individuals grab one of LITTO Hemp’s Sour Diesel Pre-Rolls, they’re in for an awesome experience coupled with a true to taste flavor.

Gushers, part of LITTO Hemp’s Diamond Encrusted Pre-rolls Series, is a Hybrid strain. The effects of this Hybrid strain paired with its diamond coating, result in an intensely balanced experience, adding a LITTO pep in your step, helping you get things done, while allowing you to chill throughout the day.

Spark up LITTO Hemp’s Indica Pre-rolls, Skywalker OG, at night! This allows the Indica effects of this strain to benefit individuals the best. This is because Skywalker OG sends a surge of sleepiness that affects individuals and makes the bed, or couch, look comfier than normal.

Add Bubble Gum Glue into the evening and feel the effects of this Indica take over, as they lay heavily into the body. LITTO Hemp’s Indica Pre-rolls are packed with a premium cannabinoid blend of hemp flower that produces a relaxing effect. This Indica is best paired with an evening sesh because it’s no guarantee that once individuals start getting comfortable, they may not want to move again.

Indulge in an exclusive journey with Watermelon OG! This Indica strain is further enhanced with its diamond coating, and known to increase appetite while also relieving stress for individuals. For some, they may notice a steady increase in their feelings of comfort and might want to get into bed. One things for certain, you don’t want to sleep on Watermelon OG!

After the sun sets, that’s when it’s time to spark up LITTO Hemp’s Indica Pre-rolls! Sunset Sherbet can help individuals by steadily decreasing their worries and stress levels with each puff. For some, the effects of Sunset Sherbet make themselves known by providing a wave of sleepiness that crashes into the body; this helps to send users to their bed or couch, also increasing the likelihood that they’ll unwind and relax for the remainder of the evening.



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Bubble Gum Glue Indica, Watermelon OG Indica, Sunset Sherbert Indica, Cotton Candy Hybrid, Gushers Hybrid, Sour Diesel Sativa, Jack Herer Sativa, Skywalker OG Indica