Herbal Medicine: The Benefits of CBD Products

//Herbal Medicine: The Benefits of CBD Products

Herbal Medicine: The Benefits of CBD Products

Herbal medicine has been a topic of great debate for centuries. Despite the varied opinions surrounding the use of natural medicine, you can’t deny the fact that herbal medicine has a host of benefits. The recent hype surrounding CBD products might have you wondering what they’re all about. Let’s take a closer look at CBD-how it’s used to treat common medical conditions and how this herbal medicine may help you.

What is CBD?

CBD comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. The controversy surrounding it exists because this is the same plant used to produce hemp and marijuana. CBD is extracted from the resin of cannabis buds and flowers. Most CBD products are a combination of CBD and other ingredients used to dilute it.

Despite the fact that CBD comes from the same plant used to produce hemp and marijuana, there’s one major difference. CBD does not contain THC. THC is the psychoactive compound most naysayers think of when they protest the use of CBD. The truth? You won’t get high from using CBD because it is void of THC.

CBD products come in a variety of options to meet your needs. CBD is available as edibles, topical balms and creams, patches, capsules, tinctures, oils, teas, and vape pens.

How Will CBD Affect You?

CBD works by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system. This is the part of your body that helps you maintain homeostasis and adapt to outside stressors. Two types of cannabinoids exist in our world. One is produced naturally within our bodies-endocannabinoid. The other is produced from plants-phytocannabinoids. Despite the fact that phytocannabinoids come from plants, they can mimic the natural cannabinoids produced by our bodies. Therefore, they act like supplements. They give our bodies a boost when we aren’t getting what we need.

Cannabinoid receptors are found in the following internal systems of our bodies:

  • Digestive
  • Reproductive
  • Nervous
  • Immune

When used as herbal medicine, CBD has been reported to be the cure-all. That’s because it can help with all of these areas of our internal system. Of course, they can’t heal everything! But they can significantly improve several common conditions people face regularly. Phytocannabinoids help regulation inflammation, mitochondrial function, metabolism, and neurotransmitter function.

The great news about CBD products is that they are safe for almost everyone. As with any supplement, you should check with your health care provider before using these products. Especially if you are pregnant or on other medications, it’s important to go over the use of CBD products before you being.

Health Benefits of Using CBD as an Herbal Medicine

When it comes to health benefits, CBD products cover everything from sleep and mood disorders to rheumatoid arthritis and epilepsy.

CBD and Mood Disorders

Because CBD works directly on the brain receptors, it can be a great help for people with mood disorders. Anxiety, depression, and social issues can all be improved through the use of CBD products. CBD has been known to improve serotonin levels in the brain and work directly on GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

CBD and Inflammation

Whether you are recovering from an injury or suffer from chronic inflammation, CBD can help. It is a great resource for individuals fighting autoimmune disease. That’s because CBD can protect the body from attacking itself by suppressing cytokine production and inducing T-regulatory cells.

CBD and Pain

In addition to reducing inflammation, CBD can also help you deal with pain. From chronic pain to intermittent pain, CBD helps block neuronal signals through pain pathways in our bodies.

CBD and Digestion

One of the most common digestive conditions CBD products have been known to help is irritable bowel syndrome. It helps by decreasing the amount of spasmodic activity in the intestines. It is also great for gut health, restoringpermeable tight junctions that contribute to gastricpenetrability.

CBD and Epilepsy

The use of CBD oils has been reported to help relieve epilepsy in children. While some report that CBD can prevent seizures all together, others reveal evidence that CBD oils can shorten the length, or even stop, seizures when rubbed on a patient’s feet.

CBD Side Effects

As with any medication, there are some side effects that could result from the use of CBD as an herbal medicine. Although they are present, they are few. Some of the known side effects of CBD are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating

If you do experience any of these side effects, you should stop use of CBD products and consult your physician. Side effects are generally a result of dosing and resolve in 2-4 hours, but it’s always important to seek the advice of a professional medical provider to be sure.
CBD may be a topic of great debate, but it’s also an effective form of herbal medicine. It is used throughout the world to effectively treat a variety of health conditions. Whether you are looking to sleep better or reduce that back pain you’ve been suffering from, CBD may be the solution you’ve needed.

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