Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.


Infused with full spectrum hemp extract, these Lunchbox Alchemy CBD Gummies.


Band of Brothers Botanicals CBD Gummies 500mg Jar quantity


Band of Brothers Tinctures are sublingual tinctures made with raw hemp oil extract.

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We want you to experience the amazing benefits of CBD, just like we have!

B.O.B. was founded by a small group of Veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom. After suffering from various symptoms from PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia, we did our research to find relief. That’s where we found sublingual CBD. Within a matter of a week, we noticed a significant change in our health and wellness. In particular, our sleep patterns went from a max of 3-4 hours per night to an average of 6-7 hours! That started our mission to educate our fellow brothers, sisters, and family on the amazing relief provided by CBD.

Here at B.O.B., we provide premium, affordable CBD products made to improve your health and wellness. We’ve locked in the best suppliers across the United States while we work to create our own Band of Brothers Signature Products coming to you soon!

Affordable Wellness

Healthcare is far from affordable. The amazing benefits of CBD products give you an inexpensive alternative for lasting relief and improved health.

Natural Relief

From pain and chronic illness to emotional distress and sleep disorders, CBD products deliver natural relief to help you achieve your best life.

Risk-Free Products

Legal in all 50 states, CBD comes in a variety of forms to help you live a healthier, less stressed life. B.O.B. is the resource you can trust for all your CBD products.


We offer a wide selection of safe, high-quality CBD products made specifically for your pets. Dogs, cats, and pets of all sizes can benefit from our line!

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We make the best medical cannabis products available in the world to enable you and your loved ones to live well.

Get in Touch with Our Team and Learn More About B.O.B.

Get in Touch with Our Team and Learn More About B.O.B.

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